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June 22, 2024

In the middle of global uncertainty and personal struggle, after a tough motorcycle accident in Bali that made me question everything, a chat with an old friend sparked something amazing. This wasn’t just any chat; it was the beginning of EGGSCALIBUR. Inspired by James Brown’s failed venture with Morlock Enterprises and his Kickstarter campaign, we saw the potential for a product that mixed internet culture with real-world usefulness. EGGSCALIBUR wasn’t just another kitchen tool; it was a symbol of resilience, blending the legendary Excalibur with the simple joy of cooking eggs.

Starting with a Sketch: The Dream Begins

We started with a sketch of a crazy idea after seeing a meme on Reddit. It was fun! Then I discovered that many had tried to make this dream a reality—from James’s sad Kickstarter attempt to other brands. A friend joined me, excited about the idea and wanting to fund the research and development. But as soon as we hit the first difficulty, he gave up and left me halfway…

First 3D printed prototype on a small scale. 2021

It was a period of rebuilding for me. Just recovering from a motorcycle accident on the Island of the Gods in Bali during the pandemic, with a pelvis and spine held together with titanium, I had a lot of free time while doing my physiotherapy. It was the perfect time to believe that anything was possible. And so, EGGSCALIBUR began to take shape.

The journey wasn’t easy. Many investors turned me down, but that didn’t stop me. We tried crowdfunding during the NFT craze in 2020, but it didn’t go as planned. Still, we didn’t give up. We kept refining, tweaking, and nurturing our vision. Your support on Instagram, through emails, and across the internet kept me going. Thousands of you participated in polls, helping me make better design decisions. And some of you even found our test page and hit the BUY button! We LOVE YOU for that.

Bringing EGGSCALIBUR to Life

Eggscalibur evolved from a rough sketch to a refined kitchen tool. Each prototype was an improvement, a step closer to our dream. The packaging took form, capturing the legendary spirit of EGGSCALIBUR. Interest from big wholesalers started to grow, and the product was ready to become a reality.

Our Community: The Heart of COOK WARRIORS

This journey is about more than just making a cool pan; it’s about the amazing people who supported us from the start. Over 3,500 of you signed up for our newsletter, and we received hundreds of emails asking, “When can I buy this?” Your excitement showed us that EGGSCALIBUR was more than just a product—it was something special.

The idea of a sword pan started as a fun internet joke around 2011. People on Reddit shared funny pictures and talked about making their own. This online buzz helped make EGGSCALIBUR famous before it was even made!


As I look back on this journey, my heart is full of gratitude. To my friend and investor, whose faith never wavered; to my team, who shared in every triumph and setback; to our partners, who joined us in this bold endeavor; and to every single soul who believed in the dream of EGGSCALIBUR—thank you. Your support has been the forge upon which EGGSCALIBUR was tempered, and together, we’ve crafted not just a product, but a legacy.

Victory and Beyond: The Future of CookWarriors

Today, EGGSCALIBUR stands as a symbol of what can be achieved against all odds. The legacy of EGGSCALIBUR is already being written. But this is just the beginning. The success of EGGSCALIBUR is a sign of what’s to come … a future where CookWarriors brings more innovative, unique kitchenware to inspire, excite, and empower culinary adventurers everywhere.

What’s Next?

Imagine sword handles that you can mix and match with our frying pans, or aprons that make you feel like a true kitchen warrior. And that’s just the beginning … we’re also working on a line of knives and forks that are as stylish as they are functional. How about a Netflix show … a competition for pro chefs and amateur cooks featuring medieval recipes? Or even seeing EGGSCALIBUR in a film? The possibilities are endless, and we’re just getting started.

A Message to Our Early Supporters

Before we could even announce it, over 100 of you super sleuths found our test page and placed your orders. That’s right, the EGGSCALIBUR already has a fan club before the big reveal! For those of you who ordered early, we’ll be sending a special email. Since we’ll be postponing the costly production, we’ll offer you either a refund or the option to stay with us and wait until we reach our goal. Either way, you’ll get something even more special than what’s mentioned in this email. Keep an eye on your inbox!

I’ll share the details of our story bit by bit, full of surprises and as legendary as the EGGSCALIBUR, on our blog. Part of the story is already online, you can find the link at the end of this email. Hold on and keep in touch, folks.

Thank you for being part of this crazy journey. Together, let’s make CookWarriors legendary!

Get your Eggscalibur now : https://eggscalibur.cookwarriors.com

Mehdi Ayache Berberos

Designer & Strategic Branding & Design Consultant.
+20 years in design field.

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