Buy a 24 cm real-life multifunctional stainless cooking pan with a perfectly made sword handle

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Many failed to make a dream come true ... we are doing it. 

Professional Cooking Pan

This 24 cm stainless steel pan is designed for a variety of cooking purposes, perfect for frying, saute, deep-fried, cook, and braise. Features a premium quality 3-ply stainless steel base with thick aluminum core for fast heat absorption, rust-resistance, resistance to warping and maximum durability.

Induction Pan

suitable for various stoves and quickly transfer heat to the food, evenly heating, making a great cooking performance. Suitable for all stove, including induction. 

Frying Cooking Sword pan cook warriors

No Coated

This frying pan is made of 304 food grade stainless steel (18%Cr,8%Ni), which is healthier than a nonstick pan. The stainless steel surface will not react with food or change the flavor, so you don't need to worry about any food safety issues, and is ideal for healthy cooking.

Anti-Scalding Handle

This Frying pan has an extended anti-scalding sword handle, and the hollow handle is comfortable to hold with a perfect anti-heat distribution making it safe to cook

upgrade sword handle, not the pan

Interchangeable handle

Our first Sword Frying Pan takes advantage of all the technologies that allow the pan to be a durable product and perfect for any long-term use.

The partner factory which will take care of the production and which has already validated the product with the R&D department has an experience of +40 years in the production of kitchenware to international standards supplying products all over the world.

1 pan, many handles.

and here is our roadmap

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Sketch & feasibility


Technical Drawing

Supplier/Factory selection

Choice of materials and feasibility validation by the plant's R&D department

Prototype 3D printing

Website launch

Launch of the marketing campaign

Packaging and chain-supply set-up

International wide marketing campaign

Design & Production accessories (wall mount ...)

Ideas bucket & addons

let's add epic styling to your kitchenware and cooking experience.

Wood Wall Mount

and many other kitchenware and accessories

"Let's make it happen!"

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